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Character Descriptions All the King’s Women 
All the King’s Women by Luigi Jannuzzi  Fast Paced Comedy   Stories from the life of Elvis Presley told through the eyes of the women who met him over the years. Beginning with the saleswoman who sold his mother a guitar for his 11th birthday (Elvis wanted a rifle) to staff negotiating his first big  TV appearance (No gyrating and sing only to the dog!) to Nixon's secretaries during his White House visit (he wanted to be an “undercover” FBI agent), to a late night grocery encounter  and the tale of a retiring manager of the Graceland gift shop, this is a funny and unexpected look at “the King” that will keep you laughing and leave you humming and viewing the Elvis phenomena in a whole new light!!
Show runs October 12 -22nd. Dates of rehearsals negotiable.  You do not need to be able or willing to sing!  All ages and sizes of actors will be considered! Auditions will be held Monday August 28 and Tuesday August 29th in the Annex at Olympia Little Theatre 1925 Miller Ave Se, Olympia, WA 98516 OR by appointment – Contact the Director, Toni C. Holm. <> or 360-951-2380
Actors needed: (some roles may be double cast)




Scene 1 – 1946

Saleswoman – female -

5 pg - Monolog She sold Elvis’ mother his first guitar

Scene 2 - 1956

Abby - female - Steve Allen’s Assistant
Barbara  - female - Secretary for network censors
Cynthia - female – Col. Tom Parker’s Asst.

Negotiating Elvis’s appearance on Allen’s TV show (No gyrating, sing only to the dog)

Scene 3 - 1967

Eve - female -

6 pg monolog  - Major Elvis fan runs into Elvis in a grocery store at midnight

Scene 4 -1970

Alice – female - White House main receptionist/head of Operations
Beth –female -  President Nixon’s appointment secretary’s secretary
Cathy – female -  President Nixon’s receptionist

When Nixon met Elvis
All Elvis fans

Scene 5 1963

Allie – female -  assigned to standing up for Elvis
Bonnie  - female, a bit snide
Cindy – female

3 assistants to Andy Warhol not exactly in awe of Elvis

Scene 6 - 1967

Lora  - female - car salesperson – has sold Elvis 52 cars
Mona –female - car salesperson – has sold Elvis 47 cars
Paul(a) – either - sales manager

Who will sell Elvis the Pink Cadillac?

Scene 7 – 1977

Guard– any

2 pg monolog - Being interviewed at the gate of Graceland after Elvis’ death

Scene 8 – present day

Eddie –male - an Elvis impersonator (not in costume)
Leslie – female - Former manager of the Graceland gift shop (trying to leave!)
OS Voices –many, all genders

She’s ready to be done with Elvis, but he’s not so sure.


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