Directing at OLT

This page has a lot of useful information on it. Please scroll down the page to see what's available. The documents that comprise the director's packet are linked below the calendar.

CALL FOR DIRECTORS – Olympia Little Theatre
2017-2018 SEASON

Download Proposal Form

If you are interested in directing a production at OLT, please submit your proposal to Olympia Little Theatre, Attn: Artistic Manager, P.O Box 7882, Olympia, WA 98507 or via email to

Complete one proposal for each show you are applying to direct.
Selection of directors will begin immediately upon receipt of proposals. To ensure your proposal receives the most favorable review, please submit your proposal as soon as possible in this format.

Phone #:

  • What play do you want to direct?  Why?


  • Please describe briefly your vision of the play and how you would achieve that vision?
  • If not addressed above…
    • Do you see the play as a Comedy, Drama, or some other description? 


    • Would you set the play in a particular period or era? Modern day? Other? (please describe)
  • Are there any particular technical things, set, props, lighting or sound equipment, etc, you would need to do the play (e.g. a trapdoor? Live music? Flock of chickens? )  


  • Similarly, any particular special costume or props needed? (e.g. period costumes? piano? fireplace? helicopters?)  
  • Our patrons tend to prefer plays on “the lighter side of life”…
    • Are there any aspects of the play that might be controversial to our audience (e.g. language, nudity, sexual content.)?  How would you handle these issues?


    • Please describe in a sentence or two how you would advertise the play to potential ticket buyers. What would you tell people to make them want to pay to see this play?  
  • Have you ever created a budget for a play?  
    • We generally allocate between $500-1000 per play for production expenses (does not include rights advertising, etc.) unless we have a specific budget proposal with other needs. Does this seem realistic for the play you want to direct?  


  • Please tell us little bit about your experience:
    • List any production(s) you have directed at OLT (title, date)
    • Any other experience you have had working on OLT productions (role, title of play, production date, director of the play)


    • Describe any other theatrical experience and training (role, title of play, date, venue)
  • If this is your first time directing, please tell us how you plan to be successful and what type of support you’d expect from OLT in directing here:


  • Please list at least three references:
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know?


OLT Annex & Theatre Usage Calendars

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Directors Packet:

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