Welcome to our 85th season!

Olympia Little Theatre (OLT) began with a group of dedicated Olympians who were passionate about creating a live theater.  Their commitment led to the founding of OLT., and on May 28th, 1939, an article about their efforts appeared in The Daily Olympian, in a section called “M.A.P. Mainly About People.”

The Article in part read.

Just in case you thought the Little Theatre movement in Olympia had died and untimely and lamented death, the performance of a one-act play “One Fine Day” the past week would have convinced you differently.  The Little Theatre movement is very much alive in the capital city and growing by leaps and bounds.  The play, written by Angela Manners, was produced for members of the board of the Little Theatre group and families of the participants Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ian Christopher, 215 East 18th Avenue.

While there had been other assorted articles before this, article is considered to be a founding document, marking the start of OLT’s seasonal works. From the 1939-40 season through December of 1941, the theater produced several plays around Olympia, many of which played to sold-out crowds, leading to a growing following.

With the outbreak of WWII, the theater discontinued its productions due to the uncertainty surrounding the availability of male actors. Olympia Little Theatre revived in 1948 and has been active ever since. We are deeply aware of our heritage and our responsibilities to the greater Olympia community we serve. It is with this heritage in mind that we enter our 85th season.

Community Theater is here to showcase and nurture local talent.  Whether you’ve acted before, worked with lights, directed, or have no prior theater experience, if you have the drive and wish to give it a shot, we welcome you to join the fun.

Lastly, we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our patrons, for your continued support of local theater. Without you, there would be no live community theater in Olympia. Your support through attending our plays, contributing to our various drives (most recently our solar project), and participating in our raffles is deeply appreciated.

This season, we are excited to present six captivating plays, featuring exceptional talent from our very own Olympia area. Our productions not only highlight local actors and directors but also the skills of our community members in all aspects of the show. Enjoy the performance, and please help spread the word about our little theater.  Thank you for your support!